Saturday, 11 June 2016

GGGE2153 My week 14 (Last Reflection)

14th Reflection,
June, 03rd/16

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
Today is the big day for everyone. Today is the Edutechnovation Day 2016.
For today's event, i am the Vice Chairperson and Naqib Syahmi as the Chairperson. Our tentative are such below:

8.30 a.m
Ketibaan pelajar dan para pensyarah
9.00 a.m
Program bermula (Tayangan Video)
11.30 a.m
Rehat (Tayangan Multimedia, sesi penilaian)
12.00 p.m
Majlis PenutupPenyampaian Hadiah
12.30 p.m
Program tamat

Here are some of the pictures taken during that day..

In overall, my team won the 3rd place that day. Alhamdulillah, thank God we feel really happy and all our handwork really paid off.

First and foremost, i would like to say thank you so much to everyone especially to Dr. Rosseni, Dr.Fariza, and Dr.Khalid for being the greatest lecturers. Thank you so much for educating us and giving your best throughout our classes. I hope everything i've learnt from this class can benefit me in the future not only learning them for the purpose of sitting for the exam. Thank you and hope the best for the upcoming exams. Aamien,.

GGGE2153 My week 13 (Reflection)

13th Reflection,
May, 27th/16

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
well today we are free to do anything as there are no class. I went to the computer lab and did some work regarding the flickr thingy and also editing process for my group's video. I use this opportunity to explore the internet and the digital world by using the accommodation given and offered in the computer lab.

Basically, this is the moment that everyone used to have their final preparation before the Edutechnovation Day.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Photography Field Trip to Putrajaya GGGE2153

Asalamualaikum and Hello everyone,
On the 14th of May, my classmates and I accompanied by three lecturers went to Putrajaya for our Photography Field Trip - GGGE2153 (Teknologi Pendidikan). These are some of the pictures, to be exact 15 out of 60+ photos that i took throughout the trip. We went to two places, the first one was the Botanical Garden (Taman Botani) and then we went to Putra Mosque (Masjid Putra). Visit my flickr account to see the other photos that i took that day. :D
Here is the link to my flickr account --> CLICK HERE !

GGGE2153 My week 12 (Reflection)

12th Reflection,
May, 20th/16

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
Today, we are back with our updates on our video. Basically, we don't have much changes from our last week's updates on our video. For this week, we came out with a new upgraded storyboard. This storyboard consists of several scenes and there are some scenes that we decided not to let everyone see that first as we want to save the best for the Edutechnovation Day. (June, 03rd)

From this process, we learn how to plan and as well to improve our storyboard. Opinions and advice given by our classmates and lecturers are very helpful in order to make sure that the video will be fun to be watched and at the same time follows the direction in which it is suppose to be done. Thanks everyone for your opinions and advice. We will consider what you said in our post production process. :D

Thursday, 19 May 2016

GGGE2153 My week 11 (Reflection)

11th Reflection,
May, 13th/16

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
This week we are asked to show progress of our video task.
Here is the link for our trailer -> 404 Money Not Found

By showing the trailer and the progress, we can got some feedbacks and opinions from our lecturers and friends that will really help us to improvise our video. By having this session, we have more wider options on how to make our video better than before. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

GGGE2153 My week 10 (Reflection)

10th Reflection,
May, 06th/16

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
So, today we are asked to present (do a pitching) about our progress or to be more specific we are asked to re-present our story board. Well my group's storyboard not having so much changes from our original storyboard. It's only the climax and parts towards the ending that we think of changing 'em a bit.

Towards the ending part, we plan to make put some suggestions from us on how to manage our financial wisely. Next week during the class, we will be showing the trailer for our video. Just wait guys :D

While the actual video presentation will be during the Edutechnovation Day, so we actually still have quiet some time and there might be changes time to time regarding our storyboard and the video in a total production itself. So, we will be updating time to time in regards of the changes and the updates during the class. For sure, sooner, i'll be updating the storyboard...

Friday, 29 April 2016

GGGE2153 My week 9 (Reflection)

9th Reflection,
April, 29th/16

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
So today, we are learning about "PHOTOGRAPHYYY". Dr. Fariza shared so many information regarding this topic and she did shown us some of the pictures she took while travelling to different countries around the globe. She also shown us some pictures while she's doing an outdoor shooting with her previous students. You guys can check 'em out here --> Photography Outdoor Shooting Session.

Move on to what we have learned today, so basically we are exposed to some knowledge about photography. Honestly, i never know what was meant by aperture, light exposure and depth of field. But today, Dr.Fariza cut 'em to the chase. Finally i can fully understand those terms. Firstly the aperture,

The higher the number of the aperture, the smaller the size of the circle (referring to the picture above). Which means, it will allow less amount of light and this will affect the depth of field which will not help the camera to have a better focus on the main object.

Next, the depth of field (DOF). It is also called the focus range. It means the distance between the nearest and the farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image.

Using the same photo, we can see that the one with the aperture of f1.4 has the best photo which we can see that the object are really clear and the background are blurred. This shows that, the area of DOF appeared in higher intensity focuses on the object itself to make it outstanding.

Apart from this, we also asked to create an online photo sharing account whether with 'flickr' or 'Picasa'. I decided to create an account under flickr because i found it linked with my yahoo account. Thus, this will make things a lot more easier for me :D

So today, officially i'm using flickr account for the first time and i've been sharing few photos inside it. Check 'em out here guys --> My flickr account !
For me, flickr is very easy to use, it is user-friendly and yet minimalist in its own way. You can see lots of amazing photos captured by different people from around the globe. This really will help your skill in taking photo (perhaps) by looking out some amazing photos shared here.

So in conclusion, i've learned few things today:
1. I learn what is aperture, depth of field, and focused object.
2. I learn how to use flickr.
3. I learn that photography is not that easy..hahaha

Talking about photography, i can't wait for the outdoor photography fieldwork at Putrajaya this upcoming May 14th. See ya next time XOXO